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At Bulldog Grade, we obviously love Bulldogs - all Bulldogs, no matter if they are English, French, American, Victorian, Olde, Australian, Blue Blood, and Mixed. We love to read about them, watch videos, and look at all of your amazing photos. So, we decided to create a place that you can do the same.
While we have plenty of Bulldog topics to cover, we also would love to hear what blog subjects you'd like us to post here. Please send us an email or fill out the Contact Form with your ideas and suggestions.

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    The 5 Things You Should Do For Your Bulldog, Every Day

    January 3, 2021
    The Bulldog Grade Team

    During these uncharted and unsettling times of quarantines, social distancing, and community lockdowns, you will inevitably be spending more time at home. This means you're spending more time with your Bulldog! Every cloud has a silver lining, right?   

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    The 6 Critical Rules Of A Bulldog Diet

    December 3, 2020
    The Bulldog Grade Team

    Bulldogs love to eat, and will pretty much eat anything. Whether you have an English, American, Mixed, Victorian, and/or French Bulldog...this is not a small or insignificant problem. So, unless you want a fat, stinky, unhealthy bulldog, let's establish a few rules...