The Battle For Better Bulldog Skin

The Battle For Better Bulldog Skin

How To Take on Wrinkles, Hot-Spots, Stinky/Irritated Skin and More 

This is the first in a series of articles that will each specifically deal with common bulldog skincare issues, including: bulldog wrinkle care, tear stains, hot spots, eczema, and dermatitis.

ROUND 1 - Wrinkle Care

If you’ve owned a bulldog for more than five minutes, you undoubtedly encountered some of the signature skin issues these fantastic dogs can have.

While their wrinkles are part of their signature good looks and charm, they present a set of challenges that need to be dealt with, quickly and continuously.  

Step 1 - Keep those folds clean and dry

Bacteria breeds in those hot, damp layers and it’s no fun for you or your bulldog to live with. Yeast infections and dermatitis can thrive in those deep wrinkles, leading to red/irritated/infected/stinky conditions.  

Clean daily (or as often as needed) with hypoallergenic, fragrance-free gentle wipes.  These can be a high-quality pre-moistened wipe or a soft cloth with a homemade cleaning solution ( half warm water + half very mild soap).  Start close to the eye and gently wipe down towers the jowls.  Repeat several times until the cloth/wipe is clear of stains and debris.  Follow with just a new cloth and just warm water, to make sure all of the cleansing agents are rinsed away.  

Immediately pat dry with a clean absorbent cloth or paper towel, getting the area as dry as possible without irritating it.  

Then praise, pet, and give your bulldog a small all-natural training treat.  This will encourage them to be calm and more patient during future cleanings, knowing they will be rewarded for their efforts.  

Step 2 - Protect With Organic Coconut Oil

After drying, consider applying a thin layer of high-quality organic coconut oil.  It contains Vitamin E and amino acids that help form a natural emollient barrier.  Coconut oil can help sooth existing irritations, tear-stains, and improve your bulldog's skin defense against future infections.  

We highly recommend OCO onlycoconutoil, as it's pharmaceutical grade, is specifically for skin (not food-grade), chemical/fragrance-free, contains no water, and therefore is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal.  Plus, a little goes a very long way.  

However, there are dozens of suitable coconut oils if you choose to use another brand.  But, only choose one that you would use on your own skin.  

Step 3 - Consider a Change In Diet

If your bulldog is continuously struggling and having skin flare-ups, it may be worth considering a change in their diet.  Investing in a high-quality food that is rich with vitamins, EPA, DHA, and Omega 3 can drastically improve skin conditions.  

Also, you may have your bulldog tested for specific food allergies, before deciding which food is right for you.  Many bulldogs are allergic to chicken, beef and/or fish.  Finding this out before introducing a new regimen is an important and helpful step. 

Be sure that the food is vet approved and, of course,  resist that urge to overfeed. Extra weight is the enemy of a healthy Bulldog.  

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Step 4 - Keep Bowls & Beds Clean

Bacteria is the enemy of bulldog wrinkles.  Play defense here by keeping their eating and sleeping areas clean.  Food and water dishes, if not cleaned daily, can quickly fester nasty bacteria.  Just take a few minutes each day to wash and rinse with soap and warm water.  

Also, just like many of us, bulldogs can drool when sleeping.  They also like to rub their faces, backs, nether-regions, and other areas on their beds.  This can leave a bed damp and dirty, which can also harbor bacteria. Find durable (yet comfortable), machine washable beds, and wash them with a sensitive skin detergent every several days.

As we all know, what works for one bulldog doesn't mean it will work for yours.  Hopefully, this will help many of your bulldogs.  The main thing is to be proactive when it comes to wrinkle maintenance, and not reactive --- taking action only after there is a problem/issue.  Spending a few minutes a day on your bulldog's skin will make a world of difference to their health and happiness.

We hope this is helpful.  

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