Designed For Bulldogs, By Bulldog Owners

Finally, a Bulldog Harness That Fits Your Odd-Shaped Bully

✶Rated The #1 Bulldog Harness by✶

✶Rated The #1 Bulldog Harness by✶

✶Rated The #1 Bulldog Harness by✶


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Get out and walk your Bulldog, every day! And, make sure your use a safe and comfortable Bulldog Grade Harness on your Bully.  

✶✶✶✶✶ Best Bulldog Harness Ever!

"This company is awesome, customer service is first class! We've had other harnesses for our English bulldogs but they never quite fitted correctly and always looked uncomfortable for the dogs. Ordered three of these, they fit perfectly with a little adjustment and our dogs love them, plus an added bonus, they reflect light very well for evening walks! If i could give them more stars I would. Thank you Bulldog Grade!" - B.L.

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A Company Inspired By Two Incredible Bulldogs

While there are plenty of good options for dog gear out there, we had a hard time finding any that worked well for and/or addressed the special needs of our English Bulldogs.  They either didn’t fit right, put too much pressure on their sensitive areas, made them uncomfortable...or, simply could not stand up to their day-to-day wear & tear.  So, we decided to make our own. 

We spent over a year listening to other bulldog owners, researching, designing, creating prototypes, finding the right manufacturers, testing...and finally launching our products...products that hopefully you and your bulldogs will love. 

Designed for Bulldogs, by Bulldog Owners. 

Our gear is specifically designed for your amazing English, French, American, and/or Victorian Bulldogs.

Some dogs need professional grade • A few need military grade • Yours Needs Bulldog Grade

Bulldog Grade About Us

✶✶✶✶✶ A Perfect Harness Fit For Our Puppy’s Girth

"For our French Bulldog puppy, this no-pull harness was a perfect fit! All other harnesses we tried did not fit with his shoulder girth. Recommended by our veterinary, we are very happy with our purchase!" - Sharon

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Our Products

• Custom designed Bulldog HARNESSES, made to fit your Bully's unique shape, keep them cool, and are easy to put on and take off.  

• Easily adjustable, water and odor-resistant COLLARS -- the most comfortable on the market!  And, all feature a rare chew-proof buckle!

OCO Coconut Oil For Bulldogs.  Simply the best product for all of your Bulldog's skin issues.

Please join our community here at, where you’ll soon find instructional videos, blog posts, other bulldog-related information, and even special discount codes for your next purchase. 

Thanks for stopping by.  We look forward to meeting you and your bulldog(s)!

Best Bulldog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness