The 5 Things You Should Do For Your Bulldog, Every Day

The 5 Things You Should Do For Your Bulldog, Every Day

The 5 Things You Should Do For Your Bulldog, Every Day

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Dr. Dwayne Dyer •

During these uncharted and unsettling times of quarantines, social distancing, and community lockdowns, you will inevitably be spending more time at home. Which means, you'll be spending more time with your Bulldog! Every cloud has a silver lining, right?    

As Bulldog owners, we know they all share spectacularly unique characteristics, quirky personality traits, a charming brand of stubbornness, and the ability to make us laugh countless times each day. This is why we love them. And, our Bullies really love us, especially when we are around more. 

However, those of us who are privileged to have a Bulldog in our everyday lives, know that they come with a constant set of challenges. Keeping them happy, clean, healthy, and well-behaved can be a daily battle. 

So, now that you are going to be home more, what are 5 things you can do for your Bulldog, every day, that will help improve the overall quality of both your lives? 

1. Nose Treatment

Does your Bulldog's nose look and feel like a lava rock? Well, you're not alone.  Bulldogs are extremely prone to experience nasal hyperkeratosis, an intense form of nasal dryness. This causes the nose to become crusty, unsightly, and potentially unhealthy.

There are some fairly easy and effective remedies for this, but you have to be persistent.

For fast relief, we use OCO, an all-natural, organic, pharmaceutical grade coconut oil.  It's a naturally anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial solution. While you may need to apply this a couple times a day, it is free from chemicals, added fragrances, and parabens. It absorbs easily and instantly soothes.  

For more severe cases, we like Gold Bond Eczema Relief.  This is not quite as healthy as the coconut oil, it is without fragrance, has 7 moisturizers, vitamins, and it just really works.  It's a shorter term solution. 

We recommend getting the more severe conditions under control with the Gold Bond, then graduating to a daily application(s) with the the coconut oil

2. Tend To Their Wrinkles and Tear Stains

Without proper care and maintenance, your Bulldog's wrinkles and tear stains can become inflamed, raw, stinky, and painful. Please don't let these go unattended.  

Your Bulldog's wrinkles and tear stains must be cleansed regularly. We recommend using a gentle, unscented baby wipe to clean the crevices. Then, use the coconut oil to condition and treat it.  Again, we use OCO, but any organic coconut oil can work. Or, a wrinkle paste is another solution.  

Just carefully glide the wipe all around the wrinkle/under the eye, turning it frequently, until the cloth does not have debris on it. Then use your clean finger to apply the coconut oil or paste, to soothe and heal.

The longer you wait to deal with these, the more difficult they become to get under control. So, please spend a minute or two on it every day.  

You may also want to investigate the food you are feeding them. Allergies, especially to chicken, can cause these issues to be chronic. 

3. Walk Your Bulldog

While this may seem a bit obvious, it is incredibly important for both the short and long-term health of your Bulldog.  

While this sounds pretty simply, it's not always that easy. Bulldogs are highly sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures, so if you live in a climate where temperatures are extreme, you have to be smart about this.  

A 10-minute daily walk can do wonders for both of you. Your Bulldog gets some much needed exercise, boredom relief, and it strengthens the bond between you.  

If it's too cold/hot/rainy outside, then be creative. Find a way to do an indoor walk, play chase in your house, even consider a treadmill!  

When walking your Bulldog, please always use a proper fitting and well-made harness.  Of course, we prefer and recommend Bulldog Grade.  But, just make sure you find use one that fits well, is durable, comfortable, and will keep with Bully safe and secure. 

4. Wash/Sterilize All Bowls 

No matter what kind of diet your Bulldog is on, after each meal, their bowl is a harbor for bacteria. Left over slobber and any food/supplement remnants can cause all kinds of hygiene issues. 

Many Bullies will develop chin acne from dirty bowls.  Some food will leave traces of coli and salmonella that will make them sick. This can also infect humans, especially the young and the old with weaker immune systems. Obviously, there is never a good time for this, but especially during our current quarantines.  

You wouldn't eat off a dirty dish, so don't make your Bulldog. After each meal, or at least at the end of each day, scrub down all food and water bowls with hot water and a healthy soap. Not only will it make their feeding station look and smell better, it will keep your Bully and your family happier and healthier.  

We use non-porous metal, elevated bowls for our Bulldogs,  But, whatever you use, please keep them clean!

5. Play/Love/Spoil

If you were stuck at the office grinding over deadlines and stressful work today, you probably would daydream about being able to take a break to stop and go love on your Bulldog. Well, now you can!

Set at least two 10-15 minute appointments per day for you and your Bulldog to play fetch, tug-o-war, or whatever entertainment they like the most. 

Or, just make it a time where you get on the floor to pet, hug, and praise them. You'll end up back at your workstation with a smile, a clearer head, and some extra motivation.  

Go ahead and put it in your calendar, with an alarm/reminder and set it to reoccur 7-days a week. Your boss and your Bulldog will thank you for it.  

Doing these 5 things, each day, will take you less than 30-45 minutes.  They will provide your Bulldog a lifetime of healthiness, happiness, and create a special bond between you and your Bully. 

When this pandemic is all over, and you are home less, please continue to do these 5 things, each and every day.  Your Bulldog deserves it, and so do you! 


We hope you picked up some new and useful information about your Bulldog, today!

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