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We are back in stock, with most of our harness sizes and colors!

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. We have had to deal with some incredibly tough supply-chain issue, that have now been resolved. We have almost all options available for immediate shipping. We are still working on Large Canine Khaki Camos.


All Bulldog Gear is Covered By A 1-Year Warranty

Our Promise To You & Your Bulldog...
We appreciate your trust and always go the extra mile to create products that your and your bulldog can have confidence in.  
Nothing makes us happier than a healthy, safe, and comfortable Bulldog. To prove this to you, all of our Bulldog Harnesses, Collars, & Leashes have a 1-YEAR Bulldog Grade Guarantee. If anything goes wrong, we will replace your gear at no extra cost to you.  
Just contact us, tell us the issue, and we will immediately take steps to fix the issue.  
Thanks for considering Bulldog Grade.