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Cheeky Monkey Wrestles & Plays With Baby Bulldogs

Darwin the monkey launches himself at Bambino the English Bulldog

Darwin the monkey launches himself at Bambino the English Bulldog. 

Meet Georgetown University’s New Bulldog Puppy


Baby Jack is in training to become the official school mascot.

300 of the Nation’s Top French Bulldogs are on Hilton Head


There are hundreds of short, four-legged visitors on Hilton Head Island this week, and the beach is not their main attraction.

Video of 'Kirby' the Bulldog Goes Viral

Bulldog Grade - Georgia Bulldogs


Put a 6-month-old bulldog together with a human-sized likeness of one and what do you get? Viral cuteness.

Frenchies in Halloween Costumes

Bulldog Grade - French Bulldog Halloween Costumes

There's nothing that makes me happier than a photo of a French Bulldog — or so I thought, until I stumbled on all of these Frenchies wearing Halloween costumes. 

Bentley the Bulldog Only Needs a Ceiling Fan and Toilet Paper

Bulldog Grade News - Bentley

What does it take to bring boundless amusement to a curious pooch? It turns out, not much more than a ceiling fan and a roll of toilet paper.

Rescue group celebrates saving 100 dogs with ‘Bulldog Burlesque’ party


For some very special pups and their parents, Saturday night went to the dogs – the Bulldogs, to be exact. Talk about a doggone good time.

French Bulldog Maternity Shoot


My heart was unprepared for the absolute cuteness (and adorable silliness) of this maternity shoot with French bulldogs. 

I've Never Been More Jealous Than I Am of This Bulldog Who Loafs Around All Day

Bulldog Grade Bulldog News Winston

We'd like to live the kind of life that Winston the Bulldog does.

The Laziest Dog Breeds

Bulldog News laziest breeds

Not everyone needs a running partner. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have the time or desire to run with a dog ...

Georgetown University welcomes Bulldog Puppy as New Mascot-in-training

Bulldog News

Earlier this summer, the school welcomed an English bulldog puppy who will soon begin training to be the next school mascot: Jack the Bulldog..

24 Photos of Frenchies With Babies That Will Cause You to Squeal in Delight

French bulldog and baby

There's something about a French bulldog that instantly makes me squeal in delight — and these photos of Frenchies with babies are double the adorable. 

Reese Witherspoon introduces blue-eyed bulldog puppy on Instagram

Reese Witherspoon Bulldog

Reese Witherspoon officially has a new (furry) family member. The “Big Little Lies” star took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a picture of her new blue-eyed bulldog puppy, Lou.

Handsome Dan: A 130-year-old legacy

Bulldog News - Handsome Dan

Handsome Dan is one busy bulldog. In his role as Yale’s live mascot, he is one of the most visible and engaged members of the Yale community. 

French Bulldog Races Are Actually A Thing In Vancouver

Bulldog News - French Bulldog Races

We're never going to get over the adorableness that happens when French Bulldogs race in Vancouver!

9 Low Energy Dog Breeds That Like Lazy Sundays Just As Much As You Do

Bulldog Grade News low energy breeds

The term ‘lazy’ might have a negative connotation for some, but to my mind, deliberately doing nothing at regular intervals is key to any sound self-care strategy. Add a dog to the mix, and life is nothing short of complete.

Scientist Have Found That Bulldog Owners Love Their Dogs More Than Humans


Would you be surprised if I tell that some people things that if a bulldog and a human were in danger...

How a French Bulldog named Diesel stole the show Sunday night

Bulldog Grade News

The small, black dog raced up the dugout steps and sprinted to home plate of Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

He heard only the chants of his name over and over from the Oklahoma City Dodgers players in that moment. “Dee-zl, Dee-zl, Dee-zl.”

Ice Cold Canine: English Bulldog Bamboozled

Bulldog Grade News

Tank the English bulldog may only be a year old, but this pooch's technological prowess is on full display in a Tuesday upload by Rumble Viral

Drake Beautiful Bulldog Contest

Bulldog Grade News

Look at those faces! Here are photos of previous contestants in Drake University's Beautiful Bulldog contest.

Celebrity Dogs Of Instagram: English Bulldog

Celebrity Bulldog Owners

When the English came to the Americas, the bulldog came with them. And one thing is certain, the English bulldog is unmistakable. 

Hilariously Lazy English Bulldog Will Not Move


Luca the English bulldog is hilarious...and super lazy! His mom always catches him in the funniest positions. While lots of dogs have very high energy, most people can definitely relate to this dog's lazy attitude.

English bulldog wins Cadbury's 'Bunny Tryouts,' will replace clucking bunny


Here comes Henri the Bulldog hopping down the bunny trail: He won the candy company’s first “Bunny Tryouts” competition.

Wayne Township couple rescues bulldogs

Bulldog News

Paul and Jessica Geminiani believe that if one bulldog is good, more bulldogs are even better.

Rudy The Bulldog Is Doggone Determined

Bulldog  News

Rudy the bulldog far surpassed expectations at the Westminster Kennel Club’s agility contest in New York City over the weekend. 

First class care for "Bulldog Brigade" mascot


Spc. Tank Chester, English bulldog and mascot for 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team "Bulldog," 1st Armored Division (Rotational)...

Bulldog STANDS on its hind legs and PUSHES puppy along in a shopping trolley


This bulldog puppy takes her big sister duties to the next level - as she was caught on camera pushing her young sibling in a shopping trolley.

Bulldog lost for 2 weeks through storms and bitter cold reunited with family in Wells


The grit and tenacity of a lost little English bulldog named Paisley was matched by the love of thousands of friends...

These Are Instagram's Most Popular Dog Breeds


Breaking news, people! We now have a definitive list of the most popular dog breeds on Instagram by breed...

Bulldogs race at Arcadia’s Santa Anita Park


Much shorter four-legged animals raced at Santa Anita Park as it held its inaugural Bulldog Derby on Saturday.

A year after adoption, bullies overcome rough start in life


A bunch of bullies came together Saturday with shared stories of abuse and neglect.

Bulldog once used as bait now helping a little boy with anxiety ‘live a full life’


Kristy Grimes admitted that she cuddles with her dog Jay a lot...

A Toast to Bulldogs in Tuxedos and Chihuahuas in Chiffon


Well-dressed wedding guests, with four legs, are becoming the norm.

Going Forward with Bulldogs


Friends join hands – and paws – to help a veteran

The Marine Corps just retired its 14th Chesty mascot


Here's why the Corps loves English bulldogs

Bulldog Is So Protective Of His Baby Brothers


This bulldog was an only child but when his human brothers were born, he immediately knew how to take care of them

French Bulldog throws tantrum over closed park, goes viral


When an internet-famous bulldog found out he wasn't going to the park, he just had to tell his owner he was upset.

A French Bulldog Cafe Is Coming to London


This new pop-up cafe in London isn’t just pet-friendly, but pet-encouraged.

Search for sassy bulldog in Seabrook catches fire on social media


A family is going to great lengths to find their sassy, tutu-wearing pup known as Stella.

Watch This Clever French Bulldog Use Its Long Tongue To Open Cage Latch


Looks like one of the dogs didn’t want to be in their crate any more and decided to...

Puppy Napping Goes Horribly Wrong: Jail!


One of two men who attempted to steal a purebred puppy from a Hemet home...

Tussock Jumper considers a label featuring a bulldog in a red sweater.

Global wine brand Tussock Jumper considers adding an English fizz to the mix...

Global wine brand Tussock Jumper considers adding an English fizz to the mix,...

Pooch push for Vic apartment dwellers


With more Victorians living in rental apartments, the pet lovers among them are beginning to question why landlords won't let them keep furry friends.

Local Marine Gets Surprise Puppy


When Mike Woltman walked through his door Thursday night, he was greeted by someone special – a 10-week-old English Bulldog.

Family offers reward after Oakwood dog stolen during Trick or Treat


A 2-year-old English bulldog was reportedly stolen from a yard in Oakwood, while the city held Trick or Treat festivities Wednesday night.

Photogenic Bulldog Gets Stopped on Street to Model for Local Police Dog Calendar


When Mister Bentley—a 6-year-old, English Bulldog from Vancouver—and his owner Bradley Friesen recently went out for a walk...

Having a ruff day? This story about George the skateboarding bulldog is sure to make you howl


George rides between two to three times a week.  The Singels say that they think he would ride every day,...



Sometimes we underestimate our own size. Watch as this clumsy pup squeezes under a side table ...

Buck's family loves everything about him —including the snoring, slobbering


With his stubby legs, wrinkly skin, underbite, and a tongue that seemed too big to fit in his mouth, he was a typical English Bulldog.