One-Eyed Bulldog's Adorable Snores

His Animated Snores During His Nap Are Giving People Cartoon Vibes



There a few things that feel better than a deepmid-afternoon nap because they give us the recharge needed to finish out the day. This phenomenon is not exclusive to humans—one pup clearly knows the pleasures of a good nap based on this viral video.

TikTok user @winstontheoneeyedbulldog recently shared a video of their English Bulldog, Winston, sleeping sounding during his mid-afternoon nap. In the video, this pup is snoozing hard, and his snores are totally hilarious. Check out the video to see what makes Winston's snores so entertaining!

Winston's snores totally remind us of the way cartoons depict snoring characters by their flapping cheeks when they exhale. So cute!


People in the comments definitely agree that Winston has some cartoon style snoring going on. @joeytwotymes said, "Sounds like every character sleeping in any animated movie," and @rayjames_est3 commented, "It's like straight out of a cartoon." We would love to see an animated version of Winston snoring just like this!
Others thought this was video was just too good. @just_a_little_off_grid commented, "Oh man, that dog is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen," and @silent0bserver said, "How could you possibly record this without laughing?! I'm dying." It is truly impressive that Winston's owner was able to keep from laughing and get the full glory of this moment on video!

We are so jealous of Winston's nap. It seems so relaxing that we're surprised his owner didn't immediately curl up next to him!