Bulldog Grade FAQs

Bulldog Grade FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a question, please send it to us here. Product Instructions are in the second FAQ.

  • What Is Bulldog Grade?

    Bulldog Grade Is A Company Of Bulldog Owners, Designing Products Specifically For Bulldogs.
    While there are plenty of good options for dog gear out there, we had a hard time finding any that worked well for and/or addressed the special needs of our Bulldogs. They either didn’t fit right, put too much pressure on their sensitive areas, made them uncomfortable...or, simply could not stand up to their day-to-day wear & tear.
    So, we decided to make our own. We spent over a year listening to other bulldog owners, researching, designing, creating prototypes, finding the right manufacturers, testing...and finally launching our products...products that hopefully you and your bulldogs will love. Designed for Bulldogs, by Bulldog Owners.
    Our gear is specifically designed for your amazing English, French, Boston, American, Victorian Bulldogs, and/or many Bulldog Mixes.

  • Where Can I Find Product Instructions/Directions?

    Here you go!
    ● Bulldog Grade Harness Directions● Bulldog Grade Leash Directions● Bulldog Grade Collar Directions

  • Why Should My Bulldog Wear A Harness?

    Bulldog Grade highly recommends a harness for all leashed activities. Given the bulldog’s unique physique, with its neck often times being nearly as wide as its head, a harness will provide a level of safety and control for your bulldog that a collar cannot.

    If your stubborn bully decides to suddenly throw it in reverse while on a walk, even a snug collar will be prone to slip off. In contrast, our harnesses wrap around your bulldog’s wide chest and legs, ensuring that even the most stubborn bulldogs are safely secured.

    A bulldog is less likely to be injured in a harness as the force is distributed to the stronger parts of their body and the risk of injury to the neck, spine and windpipe are greatly lowered.

    Our harnesses also provide a more gentle tool to control your bully, especially if they have been yet to be trained with basic leash commands. The harness applies pressure to less sensitive, but more controllable area of the bully’s body (like the chest and side) instead of pulling at the neck area as the collar is prone to do.

    In addition our harnesses are great tools for training.

  • What Exactly Does "No-Pull" Mean?

    Our harnesses are made specifically to discourage pulling, helping you gain more control on your walk and improve your bully's leash skills. By using our custom-fit no-pull dog harness, you can help make walks more enjoyable and prevent your dog from putting strain on their neck/throat...or slipping out and getting loose.  
    Our harnesses have straps that cross above your bulldog's shoulders and have 4 strong fasteners to give you all the control you will need. With its unique design it's made to fit a bulldogs thick neck and chest. So, when pulled, it gently tightens and applies just enough unified pressure to discourage your bulldog from pulling. 
    The harnesses have two places to attach a leash on the top of the harness, giving you an option for how much control you need.  
    Our harnesses are great training tools, as you’ll be teaching your Bully that a loose leash is the only way they’ll move forward, and a tight leash means he/she needs stop/slow.

  • How Do I Measure My Bulldog?

    To measure you bulldog for a harness:

    1. Wrap a fabric measuring tape around the broadest part of the bully's chest. The broadest part of a bulldog's chest is usually right behind the armpits. Make sure that you do not pull the measuring tape around your dog too tightly. It should be snug, but not tight.

    2. Now use the measuring tape to measure around your bulldog's neck. Measure the thickest part of the neck.

    3. Use the above measurement and your dog's weight to find the right size, according to the Bulldog Grade Sizing Chart. 

  • What Size Harness Will Fit My Bulldog?

    To view our detailed sizing chart, please click here:
    Bulldog Grade Sizing Chart

  • What Kind of Bulldogs Are Bulldog Grade Harnesses For?

    Great question! Our harnesses are designed, as follows:
    Size SMALL - Most French Bulldogs & Boston Bulldogs, Smaller Bulldog Mixes, and English, American, and Victorian Bulldog Puppies, from 10 to 25lbs. Most French Bulldogs, up to 35lbs, fit perfectly in a size Small!
    Size MEDIUM - Very Large French & Boston Bulldogs, Medium-size Bulldog Mixes, Smaller or Still-Growing English, American, and Victorian Bulldog that is typically 26 - 43lbs. 
    Size LARGE - Most Adult English, American, and Victorian Bulldog that are 44 lb - 70 lbs.
    Size XL - Almost Any Bulldog that is over 70 lbs.  

  • How Do I Adjust This Harness?

    The Bulldog Grade Harness is highly adjustable, to make sure it has a proper fit for your odd-shaped Bully.

    Not only are there 4 (four) buckles/clasps/fasteners that can be easily loosened or tightened to achieve a proper fit...the top section is also completely removable and reversible, to provide even more flexibility.

    The fasteners on each strap can be adjusted to loosen or tighten, as needed. The closer the sliding fastener is to the colored chest portion of of the harness, the tighter the fit.

    When first putting the harness on your Bulldog, the Bulldog Grade logo always goes in the front, on the chest.  

  • Why is the Top Section of the Harness Removable?

    We designed this harness in a way that the top section is completely removable and reversible. We did the for a few reasons.

    1. To be able to take it off when washing the chest portion, so the hardware doesn’t bang around in the washer and dryer.

    2. To give you an option of where you want the leash to attach (closer to the head or in middle of back).

    3. To give you another inch or two of room around the chest/belly, in case your bulldog needs that.

    Just place the harness on a flat surface (with the handle side up and the color vest side down), unbuckle all 4 buckles, turn 180 degrees (the longer straps with the flat metal ring should now have turned to the belly/rear...the handle with the floating metal ring should now be on to closer to the front/head).

  • How Do I Clean The Harness?

    Bulldog Grade harnesses are 100% washable.  We recommend machine washing, with a mild detergent in cold water, no bleach.  We let ours air dry.  However, if you want to use the dryer, please remove the top section/handle and use the delicate setting.  

  • Can I Use This Harness In My Car?

    Yes! Each Bulldog Grade harness has a strong padded handle, that doubles as a Fixed Car Seat Belt Safety Strap.

    What bulldog doesn't love to ride with you shotgun? Now, save money on extra supplies and run the seatbelt right through this harness to keep them safe and secure. it also keeps them from jumping on your lap and licking your face while driving.

    Simple feed the seat belt fastener through the handle before snapping it in and securing it.

  • What Kind Of Warranty/Guarantee Do They Have?

    All of our Bulldog gear has a 1-year guarantee against defects and normal bulldog wear and tear. This does not include chewing, as there isn't much on this planet that can stand up to prolonged exposure to a bulldog's teeth and jaws.

    If something is to go wrong, simply contact us and we will take care of the problem, right away. We firmly stand behind our products to give you the confidence you need to put them on your bulldog.

  • What Colors Are Available Now, Will There Ever Be More?

    Currently, we have 9 colors available. These include:• Brave Black Camo​● Bulldog Red​● Bully Blue Camo• Canine Khaki Camo• Frisky Flowers● Lazy Light Blue• Panting Purple​● Piggy Pink (Blush Pink)• Powerful Pink Camo
    And, yes, we introduce new colors each year, based on your feedback of what you would like to see next.  Please take our Poll on the bottom of the Home Page, or contact us with your suggestions!

  • Will The Bulldog Grade Harness Work on Other Breeds of Dogs?

    Yes, in many cases.

    While our harnesses were designed to fit oddly-shaped bulldogs and fill a void in the market....they will work for many other dogs, especially dogs with broader chests and necks.

    And, since the are designed to withstand the rough wear and tear a Bulldog will inevitably will put it through, they are tough enough for any breed of dog.

    However, our sizing charts are exclusive to bulldogs. So, if you are interested in getting a harness for a non-bulldog, it may not be a bad idea to contact us so we can help you pick the right size.