Bulldog Can’t Contain His Excitement When Mom Sets Out A Pool Of Ice

By Malorie Thompson


An English bulldog was treated to a pool of ice on a hot summer day and she couldn’t contain her excitement!
The 4-year-old pup, Chandler, lives with her older brother, Walter, and their owner in New York City.
The two dogs spend a lot of time together, but Chandler is usually the one getting into things. She is the youngest of the family, after all.


This hot summer day was no exception. When Mom set out a kiddie pool filled with ice cubes, Chandler went absolutely bonkers for it!
She leaped into the pool and did “zoomies” inside and around the pool, feeling the ice cubes under her paws.
Once she had time to calm down and collect herself, she situated herself back into the pool and began munching on the ice cubes. There’s no better way to cool off!
While it was clear she was having a blast, Walter seemed indifferent about the whole thing. It was as if he wasn’t quite sure what to do or how to respond.
A video of Chandler’s fun was posted to Instagram for the world to see.
The video was captioned: “Chandler having a blast in the ice pool!”
Check out the sweet moment below:
How cute are they?
You can see more of Walter and Chandler on Instagram, @walterenglishbulldog.