The Top 5 Coconut Oil Uses for Bulldogs

The Top 5 Coconut Oil Uses for Bulldogs

As a Bulldog owner, you've undoubtedly encountered some of the signature skin and coat issues these fantastic canines can have.

While signature features like their wrinkles, cute ears, noses, and unique tails are part of their good looks and charm, they also present a set of challenges that require special care and maintenance. For many of these issues, we find pure coconut oil to be an amazing solution.

A pure coconut oil, that is free of any additives, is safe to use anywhere on your Bulldog. We prefer and use OCO on ours, as It is 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, and is specifically made for skin, coat, and topical use (but, is also safe to ingest). OCO is also chemical/fragrance-free, contains no water, and therefore is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal. Plus, a little goes a very long way. Regardless of which coconut oil you choose, please pick one that is all-natural, high-quality, and organic.

Here are our Top 5 Coconut Oil Uses for Bulldogs...

1. Wrinkle Care - When your Bulldog's wrinkles get dirty, inflamed and/or stinky, coconut oil can really help. First, we get a clean dry cloth and gently wipe away the excessive dirt and moisture. Then with some coconut oil on a cotton swab or tip, we coat the inside of the wrinkles with a thin layer. Not only will this help better clean the wrinkles, but coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe the inflamed areas while also moisturizing them. Do this 3-4 times a week, or as needed to clear up this issue and prevent it from coming back.

2. Hot Spots - Mostly caused my moist dermatitis, these can be itchy, painful, and unsightly for your Bulldog. However, these can also be caused by bug bites, allergies, bacterial infections, among other environmental factors. Whatever has caused them, coconut oil is a great solution. First, gently clean the hot spot spot with a very mild soap and warm water, or an unscented hypoallergenic baby wipe. Then apply a thin layer of coconut oil 2-3 times per day, until the condition improves and clears up.

3. Nose Treatment

Ahhhh, the dreaded "lava rock" nose. This is a very common issues with Bulldogs, for many reasons, including allergies, sun exposure, dehydration, and Nasal Hyperkeratosis. Coconut oil can do wonders to help return your Bulldog's nose to a soft, smooth, and healthy nose.

Coconut oil is one of the safest, most effective moisturizers on Earth, and also includes many vitamins and minerals. It can restore moisture to your Bulldog’s nose, improve skin texture and elasticity, and sooth away discomfort.

After you gently wash the nose and wipe away excessive crust, apply a thin layer 2-3 times per day. If your bulldog wants to lick it off, try to distract him/her for a few minutes after you apply it. Pure coconut oil will absorb very quickly, and does not include added, your bulldog will lose interest pretty quickly.

This technique also works great on rough and sore paw pads

4. Ear Cleaning and Maintenance - Coconut oil can alleviate itchy ears and yeast issues that often plague our Bullies. About once our week, place a small amount of coconut oil on a cotton ball and gently wipe the insides of your Bulldog's ears. If an excessive amount of dirt/goop appears on the cotton ball, repeat this process until clean. Never go too deep, and trust your vet to perform safe deep ear washes, if this is needed.

5. For a Healthier Coat - Coconut Oil can provide extra protection and conditioning for your Bulldog’s fur to make it softer, smoother, and even help make it smell better. It is even an effective natural flea and tick repeller. Just rub a light and even amount on your Bulldog's fur, starting from head and working back to the tail. Do not drench or over-apply. Moderation is the key!

There are dozens of other coconut oil uses for your Bulldogs, including cleaning the tail pocket, their teeth, and as a healthy additive for their food. Who knew that some many good things for your Bulldog could come out of one jar!


We hope you picked up some new and useful information about your Bulldog, today!

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