5 Questions About Bulldogs

5 Questions About Bulldogs

Each week, we receive dozens and dozens of questions about your Bulldogs. Some are about their health, some about food/diet, many about gear, behavior, training...even some about whether they are actually aliens! Yep, we even get some about aliens.  

So, we thought we would use our Blog to answer some of these, from time to time. Let's get started...

Bulldog Question 1: Can/Should My Bulldog Wear a Collar?

Can your Bulldog wear a collar? Absolutely!  But, (in our opinion) only if it is a safe breakaway collar that are specifically designed for Bulldogs. These collars loosen with tension so your Bulldog can slip out of them if it gets caught on anything.  They are not designed for use with a leash, as a leash should only be attached to your Bulldog's harness.  We never ever walk our Bulldogs only using a leash and collar.

Should your Bulldog wear a collar?  That is 100% up to you and there is no universally right or wrong answer.  Ours do wear collars for a couple reasons.  First, our collars are very reflective and provide extra visibility at night time.   This is very helpful if you have a big yard and they are not on a leash walking with their harnesses.  Our Bulldogs like to play a little hide & seek and a bright flash light make is easier to spot them!  Second, the collars provide a place for their medical and ID tags.  Finally, some Bulldogs look great in their bold-colored collars, as it adds to their charming looks!

Bulldog Question 2: Can Bulldogs Swim?

As a general rule, no, they cannot swim on their own...especially in deeper water.  Of course, there are always exceptions, but as a general rule deep water is dangerous to most Bulldogs. Since most of a Bulldog's weight is in head and chest area, it does not allow for their shorter legs to keep them afloat.  They can drown in a matter of seconds.

A Bulldog's larger, flatter head, often creates a condition called Brachycephaly.  This is defined by a shortened snout and elongated soft palate, which causes you Bulldog to snort, snore, and have a harder time breathing on dry land.  So, breathing with water in or near their face is very dangerous and simply not advised. 

However, many Bulldogs love to swim with a safe, proper-fitting life vest and very close supervision from their owners!  If you Bulldog is going to be around water that is more than a few inches deep, please consider fitting them with a life vest/jacket. 

Bulldog Question 3: How Much Grooming Does My Bulldog Need?

Quite a bit, as most Bulldogs have more grooming needs than the average canine.  As their coat goes, nothing special here...just an occasional brushing each week to keep their fur clean, free of dirt and dander, and to control shedding. 

But, Bulldogs also require frequent inspection and maintenance of their wrinkles and folds, especially those on the face.  Keep these clean and dry and use a very pure coconut oil on them, as needed.  Use the coconut oil on their noses to prevent dryness and cracking. 

And, don't forget the ears and tail pocket!  A little maintenance each day will make both you and your Bulldog much happier (and less stinky!)

Bulldog Question 4: How Do I Know If My Bulldog Is Allergic To Their Food?

If you Bulldog regularly has one or more of the following conditions, there is a good chance they have a food allergy. 

• Excessive gas• Regular Diarrhea • Red patches on paws, in between toes • Dry, itchy skin • Bladder infections • Ear infections/inflammation

Many Bulldogs do not well with food that is poultry-based (chicken or turkey).  Grains and potatoes can also be irritants. Each Bulldog is different so there is no "one-size-fits-all" rule here.  

If you do need to change their food, introduce the new food in gradually, never all at once.  So, if you give your Bulldog a cup of the kibble, uses 3/4 cup of the old food mixed with 25% of the new food for a couple days.  Then go to 50-50%, then 25-75%, then 100% the new food after about a week.  

After a couple weeks, hopefully some of these conditions will have improved or disappeared.  If not, it may be time to consult your vet. 

Bulldog Question 5: What Do Bulldogs Love The Most?

In our opinion, your love, praise, attention and time. No surprises here, right?!?  You already knew this.  But, try not to forget it and carve out some time every day to play with them, get on the floor and let them sit on you, scratch their belly and tell them loudly how amazing they are!  

When you done with that, let them sit with you to watch TV, and just make them feel like a member of the family.  For some of us, we may actually like our Bulldogs better than some of their human-counterparts.  Wait, did we just say that publicly? 😁😁😁


We hope you picked up some new and useful information about your Bulldog, today!

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