Fireworks and Your Bulldog

Fireworks and Your Bulldog

For Bulldog owners in the United States, the summer months bring a lot of fun with friends, family, food, and of course, fireworks!

During one of our biggest holidays each year, the celebration of our nation’s birth, tens of millions of citizens gather to display their patriotic pride.  And, each celebration is typically topped off with dazzling displays of professional and amateur fireworks shows. 

While most humans are ooohing and aahhhing at the spectacular sights and sounds, for many Bulldogs this can be the most terrifying and stressful day of the year. 

If you have a Bulldog that is indifferent to the fireworks and is not affected by the noise, then count yourself very lucky!  Your focus is just to keep them cool, hydrated, and away from all the burgers and hotdogs that are inevitably dropped by excited kids and adults. 

But, if your Bulldog displays anxiety, pain, and/or fear while the fireworks are exploding, there are a few steps you can take to help them get through these potentially stressful times. 

First, make sure your Bulldog has their ID tags on, as the 4th of July is the day that more dogs run away, get loose, or are reported missing. Please also make sure to keep your doors, fences, and gates securely closed.  

Second, no matter how tempting it may be, do not take your Bulldog to the fireworks show.  Sure, before the expo begins your Bulldog will be the star of the gathering, gaining lots of attention and admirers.  But, when the booming/cracking/flashing and the smell of smoke begin, there’s simply no safe space for your Bulldog to find comfort if they have a negative reaction. 

Next, since they will be staying at home, get them settled into a familiar and comfortable space.  Make sure they have their bed, some toys, and maybe a treat to chew on as a distraction.  If you can find a quiet place away from windows and high traffic doors, even better. 

About half an hour before the fireworks begin, turn on your TV or music speakers to create a baseline of noise.  You can even find a YouTube channel of previous fireworks shows, and play these at a moderate volume to prepare them for the noise.  If your Bulldog shows signs of discomfort during this, turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it on again at a lower volume.  This can help desensitize them before the real booms and bangs begin. 

Finally, if you know a highly stressful evening is inevitably for your Bulldog, based on previous experiences, then you may look into administering a calming CBD (Cannabidiol) oil.  CBD can support tranquil behavior and provide a therapeutic effect to help them get through this potentially upsetting time. 

If you have never given your Bulldog CBD oil before, please check with your veterinarian before doing so.  They can recommend the right brand and dosage for your Bulldog, and provide any other advice that may be needed. 

The Fourth is suppose to be fun!  By following these simple guidelines, you and your Bulldog can look forward to a much more enjoyable holiday.  

Have a wonderful Independence Day, pet your Bulldog a lot, and stay safe!