Your Bulldog's Dry, Crusty, Lava Rock Nose and What To Do About It

Your Bulldog's Dry, Crusty, Lava Rock Nose and What To Do About It

If you're a Bulldog owner, you most likely have has to deal with an unsightly dry, crusty nose that looks (and feels) just like a lava rock. Some Bulldogs just experience this occasionally or seasonally.  But many (if not most) are constantly battling this condition.  In this blog, we'll discuss possible causes and remedies/solutions to help keep your Bulldog's nose soft, healthy, and beautiful!

First of all, let's address some of the factors that cause a dry, crusty nose.

1.  Environmental Conditions -  If you live in a very dry climate, it can lead to a decrease in the natural moisture on your Bulldog's nose. This can be especially problematic during the winter months when the air is naturally drier due to the colder temperatures.

2.  Sun Exposure - The sun's rays can be drying and can strip the natural oils from your Bulldog's nose, causing it to quickly dry and flake. 

3.  Environmental Allergies -  If your Bulldog is allergic to something in their environment, it could be a factor.  Grass and pollen are often the culprits here.  But, sometimes it may be even be your laundry detergent you use to wash their beds with, or some other chemical irritant that is in your home. 

4.  Food Allergies -  If your Bulldog is allergic to a particular ingredient in their food, this can cause a multitude of problems, including a lava rock nose.  If your Bully is constantly getting hot spots, sheds too much, has infected wrinkles, and/or inflammation between the toes...they most likely have a food allergy.  For more information on food allergies, please click here.

5.  Your Bulldog is a Bulldog - Easily the most common cause, as Bulldogs are prone to having dry noses due to their short snouts and lack of moisture-producing glands.  While reasons 1-4 can cause flare-ups, this is the reason many Bulldogs seem to have a perpetual battle with dry, crusty noses. 

So how do we we best battle this condition?

• The first step is to keep their nose moisturized. You can do this by applying a small amount of OCO Coconut Oil to their nose on a regular basis.  Coconut oil can restore moisture to your Bulldog’s nose, improve skin texture and elasticity, and sooth away discomfort.

After you gently wash the nose and wipe away excessive crust, apply a thin layer of coconut oil 2-3 times per day.  We recommend doing this even after you have your Bully's nose back normal, as a preventive measure. 

However, many Bulldog's simply love coconut oil too much and will incessantly lick their nose after coconut oil is applied to it.  Or, worse, they will rub it off on the couch or your clothes.  

• In this case, you can try using a nose balm specifically made for Bulldogs. These balms are formulated to help moisturize and protect your Bulldog's nose, and they often come in a convenient stick form that is easy to apply.  We like Blissful Bulldog Nose Butter, as it's easy to put on and very effective!  Whichever balm you choose please make sure it's 100% natural, safe to digest, and fragrance free. 

• You can also try using a pet-friendly humidifier in your home to add some extra moisture to the air. We keep one in the room our Bulldog spends the most time in, as well as sleeps in.  We chose one made by Crane, as it has a timer, is very quiet, is adjustable, and has an automatic shut-off.  We keep the humidity lever right around at 50%.  Most Bulldogs do best in the 40-60% range, depending on the severity of the nose issues and the climate you live in. 

• It's also important to keep your Bulldog's overall health in mind. A healthy diet and plenty of water can help keep their nose moisturized.  If your Bulldog is overweight, eats too many snacks and people food, or is on medications, these can all lead to being more prone to a crusty nose.  

And, of course, if your Bulldog's dry nose persists despite your efforts, it might be worth consulting with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.

So there you have it, the dreaded lava-rock nose is a common and easily treatable issue. It's important to keep an eye on your Bulldog's nose and take steps to prevent and treat dryness and crustiness. By properly moisturizing their nose, maintaining their overall health, and helping them avoid possible can help to keep their nose happy and healthy! 


We hope you picked up some new and useful information about your Bulldog, today!

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